Electrical Vehicle Charging Solution

The use of electric vehicles is on the rise. Electric vehicles are expected to play an important role in achieving the UK’s targets for improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. Just six years ago there were only 2,500 electric vehicles in the UK – now there are over 80,000, and that number is predicted to rise to more than 7 million in the next 30 years. That means demand for charge points are likely to rise, and your electricity network provider is helping you meet that demand.

OLEV Grants for Charge Points


There are two grants offered by OLEV. The first is the Workplace charging scheme, and the second is the Home electric car charging scheme. Links to official documentation for both schemes can be found below:

Work place charging scheme

Home electric car charging scheme

To access the grant a voucher should applied for and can only be redeemed by installers who have been authorised by OLEV after completion of works for the WCS and have approval from a chargepoint manufacturer to install their chargepoint models which are approved by OLEV. Electrical Installationz is an authorised installer

About your charge point

Your charge point will work the way you want it to, you can use a token based system (Pay as you go), a centrally controlled system, or a ‘free for all’ in secure car parks. There are 3 different charging points available:

charging EV

5 Easy steps to your own Electric Vehicle charge point

5 Easy steps to your own Electric Vehicle charge point

1. Get in contact with Electrical Installations

2. Arrange a site survey

3. Make application to Olev for a voucher (Grant)

4. Arrange for work to be carried out within 120days receiving voucher

5. Expert Electrician will call on day of installation prior to installation being carried out.