The future take-up of Electric Vehicles

So statistics were released regarding the uptake of electric vehicles. They include predictions of the number of electric vehicle drivers up till 2040. They show a very gradual increase, growth is not exponential, instead it is very steady. But what does this really mean?

Are the predictions around Electric Vehicles well grounded?

It would be interesting to understand what these figures were based on. The fact is there are very big hurdles for Electric Vehicles to overcome, especially in regards to practicality at present. Focussing on the benefits for the environment will not be enough, as people need a car to support their daily activities. It would be very interesting to see a more detailed summary as to how these figures were produced, and what factors were considered.

Predicted update of Electric Vehicles in UK

Nevertheless it is important to remember that this is in line with what the government are targeting. And in fact, many organisations are lobbying to push forward the introduction of electric vehicles. Either way we can see from the above curve that the fastest growth is predicted to happen over the next 5 years, so this is a very exciting time for our industry.

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