What is Nissan Energy Solar all about?

So some of us have already moved to SMART homes. Where we can do things like control our boiler and electrics from our phone. And this is very useful in some respects. But its just the start. In this article we will present Nissan Energy Solar which is a new product, needless to say, produced by Nissan.

So what sort of Solar Solutions do we have currently?

Prior to this the majority of solar panels were used to provide electricity during a very sunny day. During the night they were not much help simply because they only work when there is sufficient light.

So what is special about Nissan Energy Solar?

Nissan Energy Solar provides world class solar technology panels with world class solar battery storage systems. This means that customers will be able to stock up on solar energy during the day, and then use it at times when no light is available. For example during the night.

Energy Solar house
Nissan’s solar energy home

This big improvement will mean that Solar Power can be considered more reliable, and in fact Nissan suggest that customers may benefit from a reduction of 66% of their energy bill. As we know there are technological enhancements regularly in the renewable energy space. And as the efficiency of these devices increases its only a matter of time before more people make the switch.

We from Electrical Installationz are excited about this product as it is a big step in the right diection in regards to the sustainability of our planet.

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