Why Electric is the new diesel plus more

So a few years ago if you told your friends that you had a diesel car it was generally met with a positive response. Why was this? Simply because Diesel cars were considered good on petrol. Fast forward a few years and now the response is very luch different. So what has changed?

The decline of the diesel engine

In 2015 Volkewagon-AG admitted fitting diesel engines which ‘cheated’ the emissions tests. This effectively showed a lot less smog emissions in the test than in reality. This smog contains discharges of nitrogen oxide, which is poisonous. For the record Volkeswagon-AG was not the only manufacturer that cheated these test, after an investigation was carried out many other vehicle manufacturers either were found out or admitted themselves.

So now things have changed. The public have finally realised that we have to aim for cleaner cars. And generally speaking the answer will lead to Electric Cars. And this answer is being supported by the UK government which now provides a lot of incentives to the manufacturers, as well as other EV related suppliers in the industry to produce more and to sell more.

Decline of the diesel engine
Why we are moving to Electric Vehicles

So what is a key issue stopping the uptake of electric vehicles?

The lack of charging points greatly reduces the customers current decision to go Electric. But this is changing. Electric Installationz install EV charging ports across the West Midlands both for commercial buildings as well as domestic. Please get in touch with us for more information regarding this.

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