The new Kona Electric

The move to electric vehicles comes with many questions. Too many questions in fact. And it is these fundamental questions such as ‘how far can I drive off a full battery?’ In the past the answers to these questions have not been too promising. Which is why so many people have been hesitant to make the switch from petrol to electric vehicles. However today we introduce a vehicle which is breaking the trend.

Electric vehicle with good range
The all new Kona

Hyundai have recently announced that they are working on a new Kona which will be powered by electricity 100%. And whatsmore, the specification for the new Kona will not be like the rest.

What is the driving range of the new Kona?

The new Kona will be able to drive up to 470 km, which is around 290 miles. Enough for you to carry out a return trip from Birmingham to London comfortably. With this range being available is clear that electric vehicle technology is definately moving in the right direction.

204 HP electric vehicle
Electric vehicle to compete with the Jaguar XE

What is the HP of the new Kona?

The new Kona boasts of up to 204 HP. It reaches 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds. This will be able to compete with petrol cars such as the Mercedes CLA 250, the Infinity Q50, Jaguar XE and the Audi TT. And on top of this it is good looking.

The new Kona represents a new wave of practical electric vehicles that actually perform well enough to ditch your high CO2 emitted electric vehicle.

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