What is fuelling our electric vehicles?

Most of us would agree that moving towards electric vehicles is a step in the right direction. In general it should reduce the poisonous CO2 emissions which is prevalant, especially in our cities. In addition we will begin to be more self sufficient in terms of energy. But have you ever wondered what energy sources will actually be fuelling the electricity we use?

What energy source will fuel your car?

Yes, its great to announce that we are ‘going green’ and now promoting the use of electric cars. We produced a blog on the pros and cons of Electric cars which you can access here. But for us at Electrical Installationz it is important to go the extra step, and to ask what will fuel the electricity, and is it sustainable and renewable?

What is fuelling our electricity?
What is the underlying energy source that is fueling our country?

The above diagram shows that UK electricity is curently fuelled by around 25% renewable energy. Which means that we will be exceeding our target of 20% renewable by 2020. This is definately a step in the right direction however the problem does not stop there. Around 75% of the time we will be using energy from non renewable sources. And these even include coal and gas which are extremely harmful for the environment.

How strong is the UK in terms of Renewable Energy?

Looking at the other countries in the chart we see that the UK is not really well ahead of other countries. In fact the diagram presents the UK as doing ‘very average’. And we can also see that Norway is definately leading the way from a self sustainability perspective. There is a lot that we can learn from Norway in fact, and realistically it should be them leading the discussion and helping other European countries follow suit. It will be very interesting to learn how Norway has managed to achieve these figures.

It also must be taken into account that although this diagram is from an official source (Bloomberg), in reality the figures are most likely an approximation. Hence in fact the figures around renewable energy sources may be inflated. However even if they are approximately correct they still shine a light on the UK as really needing to do more.

Getting ready for electric vehicles
Getting ready for electric vehicles

In conclusion it is already clear that Electrical Vehicles will make a positive impact to our environment. However it is important to look at the whole ecosystem, and the entire energy supply chain to tackle this issue head on. Focusing purely on a switch to electric vehicles will make a positive impact in regards to CO2 levels especially in inner cities. But if this is not coupled with a grass roots review of the full evergy supply chain we will be working in vein.

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