What is the OLEV grant?

Currently, new electric vehicles are more expensive than second-hand diesel or petrol vehicles, but the UK government has put a number of schemes in place to make investing in an electric vehicle much more attractive.

The OLEV grant for home charging points funds up to £500 towards the cost of buying and installing a charge point.

How do I know if I am eligible?

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Type of car

Firstly, you need to have an eligible vehicle.

To see a list of eligible vehicle models for an OLEV grant, click here: Eligible vehicles.


You must also have off-street parking – that means that you can only install your home charge point in a driveway or garage.

Charge point

Lastly, the installer of your charge point needs to be authorized by OLEV for a successful application.


How do you claim the OLEV grant?

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OLEV has made a detailed guide on how to claim the OLEV grant. To get information click here: OLEV scheme

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