Timeline for the introduction of electric vehicles in UK

We’ve all heard of the concept of global warming, which is largely caused by air pollution. Some people claimed it was a myth. However over the last few years the UK government has now lost numerous court cases after being challenged for having a Nitrogen Dioxide limit above the EU limit.

Getting ready for electric vehicles
Electric vehicles the solution

Basically if you thought you were breathing the air of kings whilst in the UK, think again and think harder. In fact the official number of early deaths per year from air pollution is 29,000. This is actually higher than alcohol and obesity combined. It is now clear that air pollution in the UK is a big problem, and something must be done.

Timeline for the ban on electric and diesel car sales

Last year the UK government announced plans to ban the sale of conventional combustion engine cars and vans by 2040. This is part of the effort to reduce air pollution and climate change. This is such a big problem that some environmental groups have been pushing for a ban by 2030, stating that the 2040 deadline isn’t early enough.

Introduction of petrol and diesel ban


What does the ban on electric and diesel cars mean for us?

Well we have a bit of time before the ban kicks in. Normally with these bans the governments adopt a phased approach and begin increasing taxes for petrol and diesel vehicles especially those with high emissions. However it is clear that within the next 20 years most of us will be driving electric cars.

Getting ready for electric vehicles
Getting ready for electric vehicles

Preparing for Electric Vehicles

Currently the government is offering grants of up to 75% to reduce the price of electric vehicle chargers for anyone who wants them. So it’s a good idea to get your charger installed in your home before this grant expires. For more information on installations please give us a call.

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