New Years Electrical Resolutions

So we are currently nearing the end of January. Its this sort of time where the standard new years resolutions go out the window. Normally you say you will keep fit, you buy a gym membership, but already you are probably forgetting all about it. Or maybe you say that this year will be a year of productivity, you will wake up earlier everyday. Yet last Monday morning your alarm snoozed over 5 times and you were still sleeping like a log.

Why not choose some resolutions which are related to Electrical Safety? In this blog we present five simple changes that you can make that will dramatically reduce the risk of an electrical emergency. If you have any further questions on anything we present feel free to contact us.

Too many electrical Appliances

We have previously covered topics around socket overloading. Overloaded sockets are a big cause of fires in the UK. We recommend you prioritise what you need to keep on, and unplug anything that you are not using. This small change could save your life.

Overloading your sockets
Rules to avoid overloading your electric extensions

Turn off Electrical Appliances that are not in use

Its always a good idea to turn off electrical appliances you are not using. Firstly there is the benefit of saving electricity, therefore saving money. However there are also cases where people may forget that a particular appliance is connected, and this can also cause accidents. This year make an active effort to turn of appliances you are not using.

A guide to recycling electrical items
Green Electricity

Dust and Dirt in your electrical Appliances

Over time dust settles on electrical appliances. There are some people who polish the dust off regularly, and there are some people that don’t. Dust and dirt casually left on your appliances can actually cause fire. Hence it is important that this year you take time to clean dust and dirt from your appliances.

Dust and dirt
Dust and dirt

Ventilating your laptop

A lot of us enjoy using our laptop while not using the conventional desk. We sit on the sofa and browse whilst watching TV. Or some even use it whilst in bed. Your laptop needs to be ventilated properly and you should never cover any of the vents underneath it. As you use the laptop it generally heats up so we recommend you always use your laptop upright, and never cover the vents.

ventilate your laptop
ventilate your laptop

Don’t get your cords in a twist

This year make an active effort not to wrap up extension cords. Cords that are not wrapped up disperse the heat evenly limiting the risk of a potential fire. However when a cord is wrapped up, the heat is concentrated in a small part and dramtically increases the risk of a fire.

So in conclusion we have given you five simple changes you can make to your life in the home to reduce the chance of a electrical emergency. Feel free to follow us for more articles on Electrical Safety. And if you have any questions feel free to give Electrical Installationz a call.



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