Is your house at risk of fire?

Last week I was called out to a house where the lights had cut out upstairs. I arrived at the location with my van, parked it outside and entered. I was greeted warmly but it was clear that they were very concerned. The family had been without light for quite a while and it was hard for them to carry out their normal day to day tasks. When I say quite a while I mean three days. But three days without light can seem like 3 weeks, it’s a time that won’t leave their memory. Its funny how we spend a long time chasing big dreams in life, we sometimes forget how important the small things are.

Electrical Safety in the home

Having opened the light fixture I noticed that there were traces of burning. Please check out the picture that I took of the artefact. The problem here was a loose connecting. However as I investigated further I came to realise that this could have caused a fire. In fact the family was very lucky to only have lost their lights for 3 days. If there were more flammable items near to the light fixtures, such as loft insulation, then a fire could have easily started.

This family had no idea of the danger that they were in. And this is normal, the average person you meet isn’t an expert on electrical safety. This is why Electrical Installationz has started writing articles on this topic. Small bits of knowledge about this topic can actually save you and your family from bigger problems.

Electrical Safety in the home

For this situation there is nothing that the family could do themselves. Only a qualified electrician would have spotted this. So in conclusion, a yearly electrical safety check is very important. Whether your house is old or new. It needs to be checked by a qualified electrician. Please people, don’t consider taking risks, get a yearly check-up and keep safe.

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