CFL vs LED light bulbs

Which light bulb is the most efficient?

So its winter as we write this article. So  we are all leaving home on a dark morning, then getting back when its dark at night. We switch on the lights, then switch them off again, the cycle continues. Some of our customers have seen an increase in their electricity bill, and yes this often due to the use of more lights. After all, who would like to live in the dark? We are not bats!

Which light bulb is the most efficient?

Many of my customers want to know the cheapest method to light up their house. Its a common question for sure. Hence this article compares the Fluoresent bulb with the LED bulbs. Both are readily available in the marketplace. And both are marketed heavily as being ‘Energy efficient’.

The price of fluorescent bulbs versus LED bulbs

First it should be noted that fluorescent bulbs can cost anything from £1.50 to £13. Wheraes LEDs are generally between £11 – £20 if they are of similar/comparible branding and quality. So as we can see the fluorecent bulbs are definately a lot cheaper as an initial purchase. Hence if you are just buying light bulbs but you are not actually paying for the electricity bill, fluorescent bulbs are a better choice. Definately from a funding perspective.

Which last longer – fluorecent bulbs or LED bulbs?

Which light bulb is the most efficient?

So a fluorecent bulb generally lasts anything between 6000 to 13,000 hours. Here we are talking about usage. Hence if you are using your a lightbulb for around 5 hours a day it could last just over 3 years. On the LED side, they generally last 50,000 hours at the minimum. Hence if you are using LED bulbs for an average of 5 hours per day they can easily last 27 years! Wow, that’s a big difference.

Electricity used – which light bulb is more efficient?

When we compare to a 60 watt incandescent we find that a fluorecent bulb uses around 13-15 watts. On the side of LEDS, they may use between 6-8 watts. Hence LEDS generally require half the power of a fluorecent bulb.

Which light bulb turns on the quickest?

A fluoresent bulb takes some time to turn on. It may switch on OK and you will get some light, however it needs time to warm up to full capacity. On the other hand an LED bulb turns on instantly.

Which light bulb is the most efficient?

Is the lifespan reduced by switching it on and off?

For an LED bulb the lifespan has no relation to it being switched on and off. You can switch the light on and off as much as you like. However for the fluorecent light bulbs flicking the switch generally reduces the lifespan of the bulb.

Which light bulb is the most efficient?

So overall we see that in the short term the fluorecent bulbs definately come up the best. They are a lot cheaper at the beginning. However LEDs definately get our vote for a long term purchase as once you’ve paid the initial cost you save from the efficiencies of reduced energy consumption, and one or two less trips to the store to buy light bulbs.

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