The basics of Electricity – a home owners guide

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We all know the key terms: electricity, electric shock, circuits, wires, current, amps and volts. These are simple terms and we generally all understand them. However in this article we are delving into something more fundamental. We are all aware that electricity is extremely useful to the human race, but at the same time it can be very harmful. This is why Electrical Installationz spends time writing these sorts of articles to educate homeowners. As we’ve been called out to some desperate situations which could have been avoided if the homeowners were given information earlier.
So in this article we present and explore the two types of electricity. Please note that all electricity has the potential to be harmful. Electricity can either be “Static” or “Dynamic”.
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Dynamic Electricity

Dynamic Electricity is the uniform motion of electrons through a conductor. This is also known as an electric current. So, firstly there are some terms that may be new to you: uniform motion and maybe also the term conductor. So firstly by the electrons moving in a uniform motion we mean that they are moving in the same direction i.e. they are working together. And when we use term conductor we are referring to materials that allow electricity/electrons to move through it. Metal is the common example of a conductor, water can also be a conductor, and finally the human body (generally made of water) can also be a conductor. So as the name dictates, dynamic electricity is where you have a clear movement of electrons through a conductor.
Types of electricity
Types of electricity

Static Electricity

When we refer to static we can think of something that is still. So this is the opposite of dynamic. Static electricity accumulates charge on surfaces as a result of contact or friction with another surface. So you may have seen this when you keep rubbing a balloon with your t-shirt, eventually there seems to be an additional force in the specific place you rubbed. Why does this happen? Simply because a collection of electrons builds up in the area which is being rubbed, and less electrons rest on the other surfaces, hence there becomes a positive and negative charge.
Types of electricity
Types of electricity
Electric current cannot exist without an unbroken path to and from a conductor. Once there is a loop, or a path, we obtain an complete circuit. And then electric current is then passed through.
This simple explaination of the two types of electricity is key for your survival. Remember terms such as conductor, dynamic and static. And finally remember that the human body is a conductor, hence it can be used to complete a circuit. Be safe people!

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