How to install a USB socket?

We all want a USB plug socket. For most of us its so we can charge our mobile phones just with the USB wire, cutting out the need for an adapter. This saves space and saves time. They also generally look classy, some might even say futuristic. So USB plug sockets offer the style along with the functionality which is not always a common combination.


How to install a USB socket
How to install a USB socket?


Are USB sockets different to normal sockets?

I have met so many customers over the last few years in my line of work. They call me for an emergency situation in the middle of the night, they may call me to re-wire their whole house. But one thing they always ask is ‘do you think you can also fit a few USB sockets?’ My answer is always the same ‘Yes, its very simple’. For some reason there is a myth that fitting a USB socket is complicated and my be technicially difficult. But i’m writing this article to settle this myth which is holding so many of you back. My dream is that if you want to change any of your sockets for a USB socket anywhere in the house, then you should be able to do that on the same day. You shouldn’t have to wait, you shouldn’t have to call anyone, unless you really don’t want to do it yourself.

How to install a USB socket
USB socket from Wickes


Is it difficult to swap a normal socket for a USB socket?

Swapping a normal plug socket for a USB socket is no different to swapping that socket for any other socket. There are no extra wires needed. There are only 3 important wires to note, and you may remember this from junior school science lessons. These are the earth wire (yellow), the live wire (brown), and the neutral wire (blue). Also, just to be clear, if your plug socket is a plastic socket then you might not even have an earth wire.
So below is a step by step guide to changing the socket. Please note that in order to change the socket you will need a screwdriver, a voltage tester and a spirit level. If you look through the instructions and feel that any of it is not clear then feel free to give us a call anytime.

How to install a USB socket

A Step by step guide to fitting a USB socket

1) Switch off the mains electricity for that plug socket
2) Use the voltage tester to ensure that the sockets are isolated (i.e. do not have electricity running throught them) before proceeding
3) Use the screwdriver to remove the retainer screws from the socket
4) Gently pull off the front panel
5) Unscrew the terminal screws holding the wires
6) Pull out the socket
7) Push the USB socket in its place
8) Screw the USB socket in place using the spirit level to ensure that it is straight

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